Go bold and feel beautiful!

From smoky eyes to bold colors, anything goes on this special night.

New Year's Eve Style

New Year’s Eve is your chance to explore fun and exciting makeup styles.  New Year’s Eve is the night to go big and feel glamorous!

Prep Your Face Right 

No matter what style you decide on, there are some simple rules to keep in mind.  New Year’s Eve is the longest night of the year and even the best makeup will need a refresher at some point during the evening. Carry a compact touch-up kit that will easily fit into your purse and, of course, the lip color you have chosen.

There are also products that will help your look stay fresh all night long and remain sexy, like the Makeup Designory Face Primer. Before you apply makeup, it is essential to exfoliate your skin. Using a light pumpkin enzyme, like Dermaquest Mini Pumpkin Peel, is a good way to prepare your skin and have it glow all night. Then, it is crucial to moisturize your skin! Applying makeup on dry skin will appear less vibrant. Remember ladies, you want to look great even after the clock strikes twelve!

Smokey Eyes are the Look of 2013

One of the most popular styles for New Year’s Eve is the Smokey Eye look. It’s sultry and sexy. Be prepared to spend 10-20 minutes creating this look.  Start with a charcoal eye shadow at the base of your lash and apply all the way to the fold with a small makeup brush. Next, apply a black eye shadow on top of the charcoal with the same brush, and then sweep a deep berry color in the crease with a blending brush. Sweep your brush back and forth to blend. Apply a color close to your skin tone under the brow bone to highlight it. Use a black eye liner and multiple coats of your favorite black mascara. To top off this style, use the charcoal eye shadow under the eye at the base of the lashes. This will give you a more dramatic look. Go bold and put a few individual lashes on the outside of the eye. You can get lashes at any of our local drug stores. Natural lips would look stunning with this look. Nude lipstick or gloss is beautiful, but what could be hotter than splashing sexy red lips?  It’s the NEW YEAR!

The Natural and Glamorous Look  

If your desire is to look natural and glamorous, then I highly recommend the Leading Lady Kitfrom Makeup Designory. Start by placing the Honeysuckle Eye Shadow under the brow bone with a small brush.  Next, apply Apricot Eye Shadow at the base of the lashes all the way to the fold.  Apply Taupe Color in the crease, sweeping back a forth with a blending brush. Repeat the Taupe Color under the eye, at the base of the lash to give it a natural but defined look. UseEspresso Eye Shadow with a damp, thin brush and sweep it over your lashes to create a natural, sophisticated eyeliner. Dip your angle brush in the Espresso Color and fill in your brows to give dimension to your face. Curl your lashes and use multiple coats of lengthening black mascara. To top off this natural and glamorous look, I dare you to use that one red lipstick that you have put off wearing all year for work or running around town playing taxi for the kids.  No matter what style you decide on, both of these looks are stunning. Take time for yourself and practice, you deserve it.  Happy New Year to the new and glamorous YOU!

Photo courtesy of Sandra Martin


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