Holidays are just around the corner. It’s the season when you will be spending more time with your family, going out of town to visit some relatives or on a shopping spree for gifts.

With these grand reunions and events, it is important to keep yourself looking blooming and beautiful. However, most of us make a wrong move on the appropriate make-up and hair style to fit in the holiday season.  For instance, you have to remember that this is going to be a family reunion and you are going to present yourself to your family and friends who, more often than not, you rarely see during the year. It is always best to impress them with and easy and quick remedies that would not outdo your natural beauty.

There are so many ways you can show your simple and natural beauty during the holidays.You can go with a simple bejeweled bun. A sleek bun will help your face be seen more. That clean hairstyle will make your eyes pop. If this would be the hairstyle for you, you can have the option to go out with that black mascara and charcoal eyeliner. You can also choose darker eye shadows.Your eyes are the showcases for this selection.

If you do not want this sleek uptight show, then you can go and have those simple short curls with pale lips. This look somehow shows a laidback but cool type of style. With just the semi-waves flowing, you can have everyone’s attention to your outfit. Having the waves just under the cheek, you cheekbones can be boldly seen and this will be the focus of your style.

If you have a long hair, you can also choose to curl it up and be bold with those full red lips.This classic combo will make you look hot until the end of the day. The easy-to-manage curls are outstanding if you are going with fun activities during the holidays. The glossy red lips will also be your highlight. Just remember that you should only choose one highlight for your face. If it is your lips, do not overpower your make up with darker eye shadows or too much pinkish cheeks.

Go retro with that faux bob and lavish eye. Though these hairstyles are mostly attributed to costume-y outfits, you can go elegant with this style as well. You can do this easy trick by blowing your hair and using a curling iron to roll the back section of your bob. You can mix in your lavish eye placement by having bold eye liners to shape your eyes.

Whatever style you want to go with this holiday season, remember to have fun and share the cheers!

About the author, Sandra Martin, Esthetician and Makeup Artist Sandra:  born and raised inSwitzerland, renowned for its health and beauty, Sandra has always paid close attention to skin care. Starting in the beauty industry 15 years ago, she worked closely with Dermatologist and Plastic surgeon using state of the art treatments. Her curious nature caused her to research as many skin care lines to better serve her clientele. Her focus now is to apply her knowledge to benefit each clients needs and customize treatment to maximize their results.

Having a creative mind she always wanted to be a make-up artist. Sandra trained at the prestigious Make-up Designory academy in Los Angeles, which produces the most talented make-up artists in motion pictures, television and print.

Her expertise includes: Beauty, fashion, Print , Bridal, Corporate and Special events.

If you just want me to help you with you look for the holidays, call Sandra Martin Skin Care And Makeup, (925) 330-7304 or visit sandramartinmua.com

Photo provided by Sandra Martin

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